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Sunday, 27-May-2007 19:18 Email | Share | Bookmark
Karipap Pusing (Spiral Curry Puffs)

I remember helping my aunt 'kelim' the sides of curry puffs till my thumb hurts so bad for 2 days
She made hundreds of them and she'd call me to help her on school holidays. I was probably 9 when she taught me to do this.

I suppose that's the last time I ever touched an uncooked curry puff waiting to be 'kelim-ed'

Today my beloved fiance mentioned about making them. Not that he knows how to but the way he talks about them, intrigued me to making them again (good strategy, huh)

And here they are.

I've never tried making curry puffs from scratch. I only know how to 'kelim' them. So my first attempt turned out horrendous The oil was too hot, later I learned As if the basic is not a disaster enough for me, I tried my hands on making the spiral types. And it turned just right!

Many, many thanks to people whom put step by step pictures online I've searched too many websites to include them all in here (and to remember, actually) Sorryy..

Hi MamaFami, actually my beloved Khairul did the fillings for these puffs. (Yep, unfortunately he has good hands in cooking! ) Here's how he did his way:

250g minced meat
1 potato, cubed small pieces
1 small carrot, cubed small pieces
1 tsp cIli boh, to saute (omit if you can't handle heat, or just put a small amount, as the curry paste is already hot)
1 onion, cubed
2 garlic cloves, diced
1 curry leaf
1 tbsp curry powder
sugar to taste
salt and pepper to taste
bit of water if the potato and carrot takes a while to cook

Marinate the mince with curry powder while preparing other ingredients.
Saute the cili boh with oil, add onions til soft, then add garlic.
Throw in curry leaves and mince til half brown, add in potatoes and carrots and bit of water enough to cook the carrot and potato.
Leave filling to dry on medium heat but keep an eye on it. Add bit of sugar, salt and pepper to taste.

*I personally love Worcesterchire sauce, so I may add some to the marinade but it won't taste traditional la kan

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